Programs and new work commissions reflect the diverse cultural heritages of the Trio’s musicians. Programs include the music of Dick goodwin, Meira Warshauer, Astor Piazzolla, Mary Lee Kinosian & others. Goodwin is a jazz artist, who has collaborated with the best in the business. Warshauer specializes in Jewish music. Piazzolla is the tango king. Upton Trio’s own Mary Lee Kinosian fuses a deeply rooted, highly refined classical experience with the American blues, jazz, rock and Latin.

The Upton Trio consists of Mary Lee Kinosian, violinist, Dusan Vukalojvic, cellist and Billy Shepherd, pianist. We are always delighted to meet new audiences. Billy Shepherd will begin with a friendly, humorous greeting, introduce the musicians and talk briefly about the first three pices of music. Modern classical music is fun. Mary Lee Kinosian’s “Firedance” sparks, cracks, explodes and engulfs the audience in a ruch of flaming sound. Dick Goodwin brings us to New Orleans, the home fo jazz, with “Satchmo” from his Swing Through Time retrospective. Audiences continue to delight in the music of George Bizet. His opera Carmen is so full of beloved melodies we regret not having time to play them all. We offer you the concluding number “Bohemian Dance.”

Dusan Vukajolvic will introduce the second group, “Oblivion” by Piazzolla. “Oblivion” is a free, jazzy and sensuous example of the new international tango style. The future is about fusion of international styles. “New Renaissance” by Ms. Kinosian is such a piece. It boldy carries a rhythm & blues back beat. while on top dances a syncopated saucy Latin rhythmic tune. It is a rockin’ fusion that defies categorization. We don’t know what the future holds, but we are ready to join hands in a great, global creative celebration. So that you don’t think we’ve forgotten our classical training, here’s a pure and simple – “Classical Simplicity” from Ms. Kinosian’s latest work From Bach to Beyond Rock. She will then seque into part three.

“Currents of Air” causes audiences to look at each other in wonder, and about the room for birds and mythical animals that may have materialized. Such are the strange, exotic sounds produced by the strings, as the piano lifts their songs on seamless, refreshing breezes of sonic wind. The Upton Trio will finish with “Baroque Images” – a fresh look at Bach, the composer who encourages dance and prayer.