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1) Tchaikovsky’s A Minor Trio, Op. 50  (1997)

[Eric Chu – violin, Jacqueline Taylor – cello, Billy Shepherd, piano]

2) Upton Trio Presents Bizet Carmen – Mendelssohn Trio II (2002)
[Mary Lee Taylor – violin, Jacqueline Taylor – cello, Billy Shepherd, piano]

3) The Upton Trio Evolutions (2004)
Shostakovich “E Minor Trio,” Dick Goodwin “A Swing Through Time” (an original jazz retrospective, Taylor “Trilogy”)
[Mary Lee Taylor – violin/composer, Jacqueline Taylor – cello, Billy Shepherd, piano]

4) The Upton Trio Transformation (2006)
Taylor Kinosian:  “American Dance Suite”, “Evocation: In Memoriam (September 11, 2001),” and “Fundamental Forces.”
[Mary Lee Taylor - violin/composer, Jacqueline Taylor – cello, Billy Shepherd, piano]

5) These Are Different Times (2009)
Produced and marketed by Albany Records (NY)
Taylor Kinosian: “The American Story,” “Evocation: In Memoriam (September 11, 2001),” “Four Elements”
[Mary Lee Taylor Kinosian – violin/composer, Dusan Vukajlovic – cello, Billy Shepherd – piano]


Reviews and News for the Upton Trio

Upton Trio at 20

Narrative of typical Upton Trio Concert

Letter of Recommendation

Music for the Masses?  article by Dan Cook

Letter from Susan Bush (Albany Records President)

Critical Reviews


150 Word Description of the Upton Trio

The Upton Trio is a modern classical, piano, cello and violin group so far outside the box that it feels like home. The Upton Trio strikes a mysterious wellspring of something so pure and true, that their music will move you to tears and strengthen your life. Prepare to be suspended in the delicate balance between the avant-garde and the timeless. They have been called the “alt. chamber titans” and “the punk rockers of chamber music.”


10 Press Questions

1)  Where did the name Upton come from?
2)   For what purpose was the Trio created?
3)  In what ways have you been able to fulfill that purpose?
4)  Why are you a non-profit organization?
5)  How is that working out for you?
6)  Why is most of the music you play by one composer?
7)  Do the three of you work together well?
8)  What does music do for you?
9)  Do you have other interests and talents?
10) What are your plans for 2012/13?