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Upton Trio Tells American Story Through Music - From the State Newspaper

These Are Different Times - Review From Fanfare Magazine



“Upton Trio brings a fresh approach to the classics. Without watering it down, they make classical music fun…”
- Michael Miller – The State

“Sit back…and let the Upton Trio demonstrate how expressive chamber music can be.”
- Otis R. Taylor, Jr. – The State

“The Upton three did good work…[Trio No. 2 C minor]…with Mendelssohn’s glorious music, the hymn and the lovely surroundings, I thought I had died and gone to heaven…”
- Greg Barnes – Free Times

“[In] The Kurt Weill concerto…Mary Lee Taylor proved a most laudable virtuoso, playing incredibly difficult rhythms and wide ranges of pitch, making it all seem quite effortless. It was a first-class performance.”
- David Lowry – Free Times

“The work [Mozart concerto #5] cannot attain such an interest unless a violinist who understands the style and has a mastery of the instrument plays it. Columbia’s own Mary Lee Taylor is such a violinist…Her sensitivity to the style and command of elegant tempi made the performance a total joy.”
- David Lowry – Free Times

“…particularly in the sparkling and mercurial Scherzo [Mendelssohn Trio #1], where pianist Billy Shepherd distinguished himself with fleet finger work and just the right sound. The audience chuckled with delight at the end…Shepherd played with wonderful brio, and used his bravura with musical taste.”
- John Adams – Chronicle-Independent

“The concert of Jewish music included Mendelssohn’s Trio in D Minor…played magnificently…especially by pianist Billy Shepherd…at several times, members of the audience gasped in appreciation of the …virtuosity and beauty of the music.”
- Ivy Moore – The Sumter Item


“It is hard to imagine a more pleasant way to spend an afternoon than by listening to…the Upton trio…the concert…(was) played magnificently…At several times, members of the audience actally gasped in appreciation of the musician’s virtuosity and the beauty of the music.”
—Ivy Moore of The Sumter Item

“The Upton Trio received not one, but two standing ovations..the audience thought you were magnificent!…The Trio is a guaranteed crowd pleaser!”
—Jeffrey Black, Producer “Cypress After 5?

“…It was absolutely outstanding…All of us appreciated your superb performance and were most pleased with the audence’s enthusiastic response.”
—Robert Moses, Producer-Temple

“The Upton Trio (is) among the best chamber music ensembles currently extant. Their performance was flawless…the audience was enraptured…our Temple was overflowing…I heard nothing but praise…”
—Irving Folger, Temple of Israel, Wilmington, N.C.

“I still receive enthusiastic praise of the concert by patrons who stop me in passing to ask ‘When will they be back?’ They were charmed and transported to another place by the technical gifts, creative fancy…as you put energy and life into the music.”
—Jonathan Dozier, Dir. Arts council Marion County